I’ll be the chains that set you free.

I’d offer up my limbs to get you.

I’d roll to your porch and I know you’d lift me up. Limbless. But full of life. Because that’s how my soul was when you found it.

Limbless, and lifeless. You breathed a new life into me.
And now that I have you. I wouldn’t lose you.

I’d keep your soul for mine. Switch out our hearts so frequently you wouldn’t know which was which.

I’d keep you forever. By my side and inside my soul. Let my heart beat inside you while you nurture and protect my soul.

Let the sun fade out into the darkness leaving not a trace of happiness. Then look inside yourself to find all you need.

My soul will guide you. Bind you and set you free. My love will own you and with what I own, I shall buy us a life.

Moments of despair, there shall be none. In moments of sorrow I shall bare my soul.

Let the light from what was once hollow until you touched it, now repay you and fill your own.
No one will ever understand what we are. What we feel what we know who we made each other.

No one will come to our aid when we’re down. They won’t have to, we won’t be.

Every last ounce of energy in me, I shall burn out to lift you to safety o’ love.

Everything I do now on shall be me. I need to be selfish and I need to be free.

Don’t worry my love we’re still meant to be. What I leave behind; you shall not see. For you are more than a part of me.

You are my soul, my sorrow.

My whole, my hollow.

My angel, my gospel.

My flame and my fame.

My reason and delusion. My mission and devotion.

My sleaze and my keys. The keys to the Windows of the true world.
The only world that matters. The world where you and I are me and you.

Where you are me and I am you. Where we are us and they’re all we have.

Hypnotise me and lead me away from the truth. Your lies I shall conquer and turn to a book.

A book we shall worship and follow till dawn. When old and hungover, we fall to our end.


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