Spin it around till it faces your dreams,

for in the darkness you shall see it fade,

taking them; where none can hear their screams,

with promises of a comforting shade.


Face it; face it with all your might,

your strength you may lose; once in those realms,  

but you know you have to stay in the fight,

one time you need to stay at the helm.


Steer it away from them till they,

see you holding up a golden shimmering light,

and call out to you like they would; any other day,

make your way through the endless night.


Bring them back to where they began,

to be born again but still the same,

and tell them that together you ran,

from what death had thought to be it’s game.


Never shall they know that it was,

only them who’d fallen to that fate,

and you had forced yourself through those walls,

to bring them back from a place with no exit, no gate…..


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