He felt what he had always thought it would feel like, the blood rushing through his veins and beyond, like cold steel, as he lay there helpless, but still in control. They found a note; a long one at that, but it held something intriguing, something no one would expect from a teen and this is what it said…… “Life is but a beginning, a gateway to the world beyond. Death, an obstacle, overcome only by love. As you tread through your dreams, you see what you mean; you see what life could never have been. You were born a genius, something people say, but it didn’t seem true, whenever you had a bad day. When you’ve always been the kind, who literally lives by the book, all you see, is your own imagination. But, what if, one day, you stepped out? What if you were foolish enough to believe that people would care? He did…but he didn’t regret it. Not in the least. Life had lost all motivation, but in love, he found reason to live. Strange are the ways of God, for when he was ready to die, God sent an angel to be by his side; to hold him, pull him back into this dark world, so he could suffer; once again. he was, a teenager, who for the first time, was being around people he didn’t know, away from every place he could call home. But surprisingly; he missed no one. Then there came the shipwreck. Sometimes, in your life, you come across people. Some people who come and go, and others who stay. But, then there are those, who just flash by, leaving you dumbfounded, and also, weak in the knees. People have said, and people shall continue to say, that if you truly love someone, you do get to be by their side. He believed……He suffered. He had worshipped love since that day, and he would still swear by it, despite all the pains it has thrust upon him, because once you’ve seen what love truly is, I guess, there is no going back. Death no longer remained an option, because you see that there’s always someone who cares. He’d always wanted to move on, always tried to forget, but then, love was his drug….. The only option he’d ever had was to change who he loved, which of course, was something he couldn’t control. Over the years, seeing her routinely change over from one relationship to another, more efficiently than a mobile phone changing time zones, he got frustrated. She had to be blind not to see his love, Oh! and deaf too, for he’d told her. This frustration soon evolved into a much stronger feeling, something equally devastating as love…..Hate. He began to hate the very thought of love, and slowly fell in love with hate, realizing, that he, was free. So, he decided to try what had eluded him for so long… He decided to take a shot at dying.”

And what may seem like an abrupt ending may have a lot to say inside, For ends are just beginnings to the world where none reside……


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